Home Additions in Truckee

Are you looking to expand your home? Need extra space? You’ve come to the right place! Horizon Brothers Construction has the best home addition contractors in Truckee and the surrounding area.

For many years now, our team has been constructing beautiful new additions for homes both old and new. If you have an idea in mind, we can make it happen. Our timeless expertise, our integrity, and our commitment to customer satisfaction make us stand out from the rest. We make home addition projects simple and handle everything, all-in-one.

Home additions have never been so easy and stress-free. Call us now at (916) 517-3604 to get started!


Consult with Horizon Brothers Construction for Your Home Addition Project

We’ll meet with you for a free consultation to outline the work you’d like done. We’ll discuss specific details and expectations for your home project, and we’ll get back to you with an accurate written estimate of the time frame and costs.

We have connections with suppliers in the area, so we’ll be able to get you the best prices on your home addition. And if ever you want to make changes once, we’ve already begun, we’ll outline the additional costs. Rest assured, everything is clear and concise when you work with us. We do everything to make sure the project moves forward smoothly.

A Full-Service Home Addition Company

We at Horizon Brothers Construction are proud to say that we do it all ourselves. From design to material sourcing, to construction, we’ll guide you through the process, communicating each step with you as we go. We plan and stick to it the best we can. Our home addition services include:

  • Bedroom and Bathroom Additions
  • Second-Floor Additions
  • In-Law Additions
  • Garage Additions
  • Sunroom Additions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • … and much more!

Licensed, Insured and Bonded Home Addition Contractors

Our team of builders are certified and highly experienced. Each of them is trained to the Horizon Brothers Construction standard of excellence and screened before they’re able to join the team. Their general contracting knowledge and experience will be sure to put your mind at ease.

Plus, our contractors are friendly and courteous, and always take care to respect your home. By the time they’re done, your home will be bigger and better than ever before––exactly how you wanted it. And it’ll be left clean and ready to live in. We really do our very best to ensure your experience is nothing short from excellent.

Satisfaction Guarantee on Home Additions

Horizon Brothers Construction is very proud to have honest and transparent business practices. We keep our word to you, and we’ll be sure the job is completed exactly to your liking. And if ever this isn’t the case, we’ll come back and correct it. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Truckee’s Best in Home Additions

When you want a larger living space, no one does it better than Horizon Brothers Construction. Regardless of the kind of addition, we get the job done on-time, within budget, and quickly.

Ready to have the home you’ve always wanted? Schedule a free consultation!

Call Horizon Brothers Construction for Superior Home Additions Now

Is your home starting to feel a bit too small? Do you need more space to accommodate a growing family, retired parents or lifestyle adjustments? Rather than beginning the long and frustrating process of finding a new house in Truckee, why not opt for a home addition?

Horizon Brothers Construction has experience creating additional space in homes around town, so if you’re curious about the services we provide, we encourage you to get in touch today.

Why Build Onto Your Home?

Extending the square footage of your property offers many benefits! If you’ve been imaging what your home might look like with a few extra rooms, there’s no better time than now to get the ball rolling.

Provides Additional Space

If your home is starting to feel a bit cramped, there’s no need to start looking at real estate postings just yet. With a home addition from Horizon Brothers Construction, all the space you need can be created for you.

Helps You Avoid A Stressful Move

Not only is moving an unpleasant experience, it’s an expensive one. From real estate fees to the cost of hiring a moving company, the price tag can creep up before you know it. A home addition allows you to avoid the stress of moving by creating the perfect space for you in the home you already have. What are you waiting for?

Increases Home Value

Home additions can substantially increase the value of your home. By turning a two bedroom house into a three bedroom one, or by adding a self-contained apartment on the property, your home’s value will soar.

How Do Home Additions Work?

Before we get to work adding on to your home, Horizon Brothers Construction will sit down with you to discuss the details of the project. By making sure everyone is on the same page before things move forward, we can guarantee client satisfaction when all is said and done.

Once the plan has been finalized and all the necessary permits obtained, we mobilize our team and construction begins. As licensed general contractors, we are able to take care of everything in house. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple companies—with us, everything is handled under one roof.

For home additions, you aren’t limited to bedroom space, either. If you’ve been dreaming of adding a dedicated space for entertaining, get in touch with us! We would be happy to discuss whatever you have in mind, and draw up some plans.

Contact Our Efficient Builders

We’re all homeowners at Horizon Brothers Construction, and we understand it can be stressful to have people working in your space. Our goal is to work as efficiently as possible, while still taking time to get every last detail right.

By hiring us to carry out your home addition project, you can rest assured that our team will work diligently to complete work well within an appropriate timeframe.

With extensive experience and a staff made up of fully licensed and bonded contractors, we are well positioned to give you the home of your dreams.

Get in touch with us today to set up a meeting.