Residential Construction in Napa

Do you feel as though your home no longer suits your needs? Rather than spending time trying to find your dream home, why not go one step further and have it built for you?

Horizon Brothers Construction is a leader in the Napa residential construction industry. We specialize in providing our clients with beautifully made homes that capture their vision of the perfect home. If you’re in the market for a new house, don’t waste time on ones that are already built—give us a call, and let us create one for you.


How to Choose the Best Construction Company

Choosing the right company for your construction project is not a decision that should be taken lightly. We know we’re not the only company in town, but there are a few key reasons why we’re the most qualified.


You should never choose an inexperienced company for something as important as your future home. With years of experience in the construction business, we are up to date on all the necessary codes and guidelines, and we create beautiful structures that will last well into the future.

We are a proven, trusted, and tested contracting company, with the skill and expertise to execute a project flawlessly. Passion, patience, and artistry go into every house we build, every home we remodel.

Clear Vision

A good construction company has a clear vision of how a project comes together from start to finish.

No company is as visionary—or organized—as Horizon Brothers Construction, Inc.. Every one of our residential construction projects starts with a plan. Clients sit down with our team to go over their vision for the building and, after a few revisions and mockups, things can move forward. The Horizon Brothers Construction team includes talented designers and project managers, and we are able to see a project through until the very end. We’re here to elevate your design and maximize the form and function of your dream home.

We utilize a collaborative approach, tailoring our services according to the needs of each client. By getting to know you and establishing a close working relationship, we can offer you a greater level of customization: a truly personalized design, and a superior building experience. With us, you know you’ve got a contractor who will give you exactly what you want. 

Competitive Prices

Finding the right price can be tricky, because you don’t want to choose the company that saves you money by sacrificing quality. Our prices are affordable because of our experience—we’ve built lasting connections with suppliers over the years, and are able to pass the savings onto you without scrimping on materials.

We follow a lean operational model, compounding your savings even further. By using efficient labor practices, we’re able to reduce our overhead, cut out unnecessary middlemen, and eliminate excessive costs. No dollar goes toward something wasteful. With us, you’ll see just how far your money can take you.

Fast Turnaround Times

You don’t want a contractor who will continually postpone the building of your home, delaying your move-in and increasing the costs of the project. You want one who will finish the job on time and within your budget.

Speed is crucial to our success. By combining efficiency with a turnkey approach, we’re able to expedite our labor, reducing the time it takes to complete the project. Rest assured—we’ll get your home built in the shortest period possible.

As a contractor, we’re committed to completing every project on time. We maintain strict oversight to ensure that all work progresses according to schedule. When we give you a deadline, we stick to it. No excuses. With us, you can expect your home to be ready well before move-in day.

Custom Designs, Superior Home Construction

We’re not just builders—we’re also expert home designers. We’re renowned for our masterful, artistic, and elegant residential building designs. We build homes to be stunning showpieces, offering the latest in style and aesthetic features.

Each of our designs is custom-made for the client. When you choose us, we go through every detail of our design to make sure that it meets your express approval. Whether you want modern luxury, rustic charm, or something in between, you can count on us to deliver it.

Our designs are not only stylish—they’re also smart, too. We adhere to the latest standards in design, ensuring that your home features an optimal layout with maximum energy efficiency. Aesthetics and intelligence: both come together to make your dream home. 

Licensed, Bonded Home Builders

As a full-service construction company, we handle everything in house. From getting the right permits to dealing with suppliers, Horizon Brothers Construction takes care of everything so you can focus on other things, like figuring out how you’re going to decorate your new house.

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We aim to provide superior service to all of our clients, and a big part of that involves only hiring the most qualified, licensed individuals in town. By maintaining strict hiring standards, we can guarantee client satisfaction time and again.

Residential construction is exciting, and our goal is to keep it that way. By hiring us to build your dream house, you can wave goodbye to any stress that comes when working with an inferior company.


Napa’s Best Home Construction Services-Call Us to Learn More

If you’re in the market for a new home, let us be the ones to build it for you. We’ll help you realize your vision and achieve your aims. Trust us, and get the house of your dreams.

All our construction projects come with extended warranties and a customer satisfaction guarantee. If at any point our services fall short of your expectations, we’ll do everything we can to fix the issue, whatever it may be. Rest assured: we’re the builder who will protect your investment and get the job done right.

To discuss the specifics of your future residence, give us a call at (800) 213-7881 today to set up a consultation. We look forward to making your dreams come true!